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"La Maison"
La Rozell

The idea for La Maison was born from a need to connect with people and to have a place La Rozell can call home.

A place we can share our love for Brittany, the food, traditions, and culture every day.

A home away from home for all to embrace, enjoy and share good moments together!

From playing host to cultural events and classes to a place where people can come to express themselves creatively.

La Maison was created to be something all of its own!

We are always on standby at events to serve our delicious Buckwheat Galettes and French Crepes! 

Our Partners


A place to create, Rhapsody Studios is where musical talents can come together. Created to give everyone the chance to do what they love, it is the perfect place to express your musical talent. 


Set up in 2016, Baz-Art is an organisation dedicated to transforming spaces into works of art. Offering street tours, education, and most importantly assisting artists, Baz-Art focuses on giving back to the community. 

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