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LA ROZELL - the buckwheat specialists

From Brittany to Cape Town, La Rozell shares unique family recipes and authentic savoir-faire with the Mother City and South Africa!

Thomas, a proud Breton, together with his team shares his culture and culinary knowledge of Buckwheat flour, Galettes, Crêpes, Crème de Caramel, and other Buckwheat favourites.

With our original Breton stripes as the uniform, it’s hard to miss us!


Traditions are passed down from generation to generation.

This is exactly what happened to Thomas - a proud Breton, he grew up learning the Brittany traditions of Buckwheat Galettes and French Crêpes from his grandmother (pictured first from right at a Crêpes fair in Brittany - circa 1968). 

He naturally inherited a knowledge and flair to share his culture and its many delicious delicacies.

Cape Town

Fast forward to Cape Town and

we are instantly transported on an Authentic journey to Brittany, France - where Thomas is eager to share his 

Breton Traditions with delicious Buckwheat Galettes, French Crepes and more...

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